Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

BlueSea Estates processes personal data for various purposes related to residential property marketing activities and project management. The data processing activities performed by BlueSea Estates include:

Request for information and visits phase:

BlueSea Estates processes personal data to handle requests from individuals interested in buying or selling a property or seeking project management services. The company collects personal data directly from data subjects, either in person, by telephone, or through web forms on its website. Additionally, BlueSea Estates may receive data from its exclusive agent partners and estate agents with collaboration agreements. Data collected during this phase includes full name, address, email address, details of the service or property of interest, and information about the agent or agency involved.

Property reservation phase:

BlueSea Estates processes personal data to manage property reservations. This includes handling reservation contracts or deposit contracts between buyers and property owners. The processing activities involve managing the execution of the reservation agreement, holding deposits, informing sales agents about the reservation, and processing payment transactions. Personal data processed during this phase includes full name, address, email address, property details, sales agent information, reservation or deposit documents, bank account information, and identification documents required for compliance.

Purchase formalisation phase:

BlueSea Estates processes personal data to facilitate property sale transactions. Processing activities during this phase include steps necessary for executing the contract of sale, documentary/contractual management, accounting, tax and administrative management, and data communication with public registries, agencies, lawyers, insurance companies, banks, and notaries involved in the process. Personal data processed during this phase includes first and last name, address, email address, property details, sales agent information, financial and tax-related information, reservation or deposit documents, and identification documents.

Newsletters and commercial information:

BlueSea Estates allows individuals to subscribe to receive commercial information and newsletters through its website. The content of these communications includes market reports, lifestyle newsletters, property updates, event invitations, and other relevant information. This processing is based on the data subject’s consent. Additionally, BlueSea Estates may contact individuals who have shown interest in receiving commercial communications, providing information about other properties, services, events, or products in the property sector. Personalized communications based on preferences or transaction history may also be sent. Data subjects have the option to revoke consent or refuse such communications.

Whistleblower Channel:

In compliance with applicable regulations, BlueSea Estates implements a whistleblower channel to receive reports regarding possible legal non-compliance. Personal data provided through this channel may be processed for investigation purposes.

Data Sharing and International Transfers:

During the different phases of the relationship, BlueSea Estates may share personal data with various parties involved in property transactions, such as marketing agents, sellers, insurers, public bodies, legal authorities, and professionals engaged in property preparation or renovation projects. The company also collaborates with third-party service providers who may access personal data while providing their services, subject to data protection agreements and compliance monitoring.

Data Protection Rights:

Data subjects have the right to exercise their data protection rights, including access, rectification, erasure, restriction, objection, portability, and withdrawal of consent. These rights can be exercised by contacting BlueSea Estates through the provided email address or physical address. Data subjects also have the right to file complaints with the relevant data protection authority.


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